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At Chenag Studios, we develop simple and intuitive apps for educational needs of pre-schoolers, kids and children. Our apps are available both on iOS and  Android devices. Some of the categories are...

* Learning & Education
* Fun & Games
* Rhymes and Songs
* Entertainment

Informed Smart Kids...

We strive hard to bring you smart and informative apps that are big hit with all kids alike.

Every day your child plays and explores our apps will only make them smarter and more informed importantly.

Our Apps...

At Chenag Studios we develop exciting apps that keeps you excited too while constantly educating you for the next, for being the smartest kid on the block. This is all possible from a talented & certified professional application developers.

Every day we strive to make your experience educationally rewarding- while the kids still continue to explore the  unlimited fun and entertain our apps present. Our apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms. We are exploring more platforms to educate as we brew them - apps.

Chenag Studios                                             Kiducation - Kids education through Apps

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